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All States Capital Group is a commercial real estate investment firm with headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Houston, Texas. Our conservative, value-add, and investor first approach consistently produces above-average returns for investors.

How are we able to achieve superior returns for our investors? It comes down to our proven system called The ASCG Model. Here is an overview of The ASCG Model:

  • We buy distressed “value-add” Properties
  • We stabilize the properties with renovations & competent property management
  • We are “All In” for 65% of the stabilized value (After Repair Value)
  • We refinance with 75% LTV loan in 12-24 months
  • We hold for the long term to build generational wealth

As we know, all investments have risks. The ASCG Model not only can produce exceptional returns but can also minimize our exposure to the downside risk. This is how we mitigate our risk:

  • We ALWAYS buy at wholesale price
  • We CREATE appreciation though the value-add process
  • We buy for CASH FLOW
  • We NEVER speculate
  • We stick to class A, B & C+ areas
  • We complete ALL due diligence
  • We STRESS the underwriting
  • We try to KILL the deal
  • We obtain FAVORABLE financing terms
  • We CASH OUT investors quickly
  • We have multiple EXIT STRATEGIES

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All States Capital Group LLC is a leading commercial and multi-family real estate investment company dual headquartered in Houston, TX and Raleigh, NC. We invest nationwide by partnering with both active and passive investors to help them create long-term wealth and achieve their financial goals.

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